Whenever Bahamians go out on the town to have a great time, or travel to any of the other islands, they use this term.

Other Bahamian words and phrases.

‘Mash up’ – This means ‘to damage, break, destroy or tired’. For example, ‘I will mash up this phone’ means ‘I will break (or destroy) this phone’. Bouy I mash right up.

‘Sip sip’ – Is a Bahamian phrase meaning gossip. Similarly, ‘tote news’ means to gossip. ‘I got some sip sip’ would literally be translated to ‘I have some gossip.’ 

‘Conchy Joe’ – This is used to refer to any white native or longtime resident of The Bahamas. 

‘Bey’ – Used to refer to any person, male or female. For example, ‘What is that bey name again?’ would be translated to ‘What is the name of that person?’.

‘What da wybe is?’ – This is a popular Bahamian greeting, especially among younger Bahamians that means ‘What’s up?’. However, if you hear a reference to someone ‘wybin’, it means they’re having a disagreement or argument, and a ‘wybe’ is a problem or bad situation.

‘Een nothin’ – A common response to ‘what da wybe is?’, this means ‘nothing much’.

‘Well mudda sick!’ – You will hear this whenever a Bahamian is surprised or excited. This phrase is similar to the English ‘Oh my gosh!’ or ‘You’re kidding!’. Often it is shortened to ‘Mudda sick!’.

‘Potcake’ – A ‘potcake’ in The Bahamas has nothing to do with food or marijuana. This term is used to refer to a stray dog (you will see a few of them roaming the streets). Potcakes are generally mixed breeds and get their nickname from being fed leftovers or food scraps.

‘Switcha’- ‘Switcha’ is the Bahamian phrase for ‘lemonade’. In The Bahamas, it is commonly made with limes instead of lemons and sugar.





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